Smile often. Dream big.


Eboney and Elena have been swooning all day over one of President Obama’s most noted traits: his wonderful wiImagenning smile. In fact, Bernard Whitman of The Huffington Post wrote all about is as Reason No 43 of his “52 Reasons to Vote Obama” series. 

The smile has proved an interesting part of presidential politics. Joe Biden was widely criticized for having grinned throughout the vice presidential debate. (Many people did comment on Biden’s white teeth, though. One guy even tweeted that his dentist was the real winner of the debate!)

Iconic images of Teddy Roosevelt’s smiling face got him a reputation for being the first smiling president, leading to some conjecture about his oral health. When it comes to official presidential portraits, Harry Truman goes down in history as the first to break a long tradition of stoic sketches. And American’s were stunned by a rare image of Woodrow Wilson reveling in a joyous post-inauguration moment and revealing a mouthful of teeth in pretty bad shape. 

Read more about our presidents’ pearly whites here.


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